Animal Feed

With increasing demands on efficiency and output, optimizing livestock diets is more important than ever. Key components of animal nutrition include protein and dietary fiber content. Measuring nitrogen content, and thereby protein content, by high-temperature combustion is a method that is been relied upon around the world. Ensuring reliable and consistent feeding, and therefore healthy and productive herds, is now easier than ever.

In comparison to Kjeldahl analysis, N/Protein analysis by Dumas, high-temperature combustion is faster, more cost-effective, less labor-intensive, and doesn’t require the use of toxic chemicals. A major expense of traditional Dumas combustion is the reduction metals needed to bind excess oxygen and convert nitrogen oxides to molecular nitrogen. With Elementar’s patent-pending EAS REGAINER® and EAS REDUCTOR® technology, this cost has been greatly reduced, further driving the advantage of these Dumas analyzers over comparable systems.

Cost-effective analysis

Many innovations of the rapid N exceed® N/Protein analyzer from Elementar result in low cost-per-sample and high operational uptime. By using CO2 as the carrier gas, not only is expensive helium avoided, but carbon from the sample doesn’t have to be separated or trapped. This simplified design reduces upfront, maintenance, and operational costs. In a rapid N exceed®, the EAS REDUCTOR® can analyze 2,000 samples before needing replacing. Combined with the low-cost oxygen binding EAS REGAINER®, the cost-per-analysis on the rapid N exceed®, including chemical, electricity, and gas costs, is as low as 0.25 €*.

*Based on German end user prices.

High-throughput analysis

The rapid MAX N exceed represents the industry standard in analysis throughput. With a robust autosampler and a large 90-position sample tray, measurements can easily and reliably be setup to run overnight for maximum sample throughput. Even with larger sample sizes, the EAS REDUCTOR® in a rapid MAX N exceed can analyze over 1000 samples before needing replacing.