The chemical industry is the birthplace of CHNOS elemental analysis and the development of modern chemistry and elemental analysis are closely interlinked. From the very beginnings of automated elemental analysis more than 110 years ago, Elementar (at that time a business division of the company Heraeus) has been a reliable partner for the chemical industry, trusted by market leading companies around the world for its modern high performance technology.

Elemental analysis for quality control

Over the years, the focus of elemental analysis has emerged from its classical applications in organic chemistry (e.g., the confirmation of sum formulas for newly synthesized compounds), moving towards quality control of industrial products and the use of elemental analysis for a complimentary, independent analytical characterization of chemical and biochemical substances.

Quantitative combustion analysis

Through quantitative high temperature decomposition, solid or liquid substances are converted into gaseous compounds. The gas mixture is cleaned, separated into its components and measured by efficient detectors with a precision and accuracy of up to ±0.1 % relative. The large dynamic detection range from few ppm to 100 % combined with universal flexibility regarding sample type and sample weight make our CHNOS elemental analyzers a robust solution for chemical laboratories.

The most universal solution in the chemical laboratory

A large dynamic measurement range is realized even when there is a great difference in relative concentrations (e.g., trace nitrogen or sulfur in the presence of high carbon content). Sample sizes from sub-milligram up to three-digit milligram range can be analyzed thanks to unique quantitative combustion and gas separation technology. This wide range of applications with universal as well as specialized analyzers for CHNOS elemental analysis is only achieved by Elementar.