Oil Reservoirs


Stable isotope analysis is a critical technique for upstream reservoir exploration through well profiling. Understanding the origin of oil and gas in any new reservoir is an essential requirement for determining its feasibility and suitability for exploitation. As well as making oil-oil correlations for reservoir mapping possible, stable isotope analysis is a key function of any petrochemical service laboratory.

Beyond the exploration of conventional reservoirs, recent plays into unconventional “tight” resources such as shale gas and coal bed methane have a similar need for stable isotope analysis; evaluation of the carbon and hydrogen fingerprints enables petroleum geochemists further insight into this continuing drive for new opportunities.

Oil fractions & natural gases

Compound specific isotope analysis allows highly precise isotopic profiling of oil reservoirs and therefore evaluation of the source of the oil. Knowing the origin of the oil and the extent of its maturity allows the feasibility of any well site to be established. Combined with carbon and hydrogen isotope analysis of natural gases, our exceptional GC-IRMS system and IonOS software, you will find that these time consuming analyses are performed quickly and rapidly, improving your ROI.

Whole oils & sediments

Combining compound specific isotope analysis of oil fractions with bulk isotope analysis is highly complementary for understanding oil origins, but also allows nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen isotope analysis of NSO fractions. Our elemental analysers also offer excellent performance for more refractory samples such as sediments which are able to bring greater insight into basin geochemistry.

Carbonates & DICs

By analyzing sedimentary carbonates from a basin brings greater understanding of the burial processes and diagenesis environment that the oil reservoir has been subjected too. Our iso FLOW system is able to analyse sedimentary carbonates, dissolved inorganic carbonate as well as well waters with high precision. This flexible system is also capable of analysing dissolved nitrates allowing complete hydrogeology of the basin to be established.