Water Resources


Water is the most precious resource for civilization and every person should expect access to a clean, safe water supply. Delivering this basic right, however, is not trivial where many of the poor live in water-stressed or polluted environments. Understanding the hydrogeological mechanisms of water flow through watersheds and groundwater systems is therefore essential in trying to secure the access to water that populations, agriculture, wildlife and industry need in order to prosper.

Stable oxygen and hydrogen analysis of environmental waters can provide a unique understanding and characterization of many hydrogeological systems. Determination of these isotopes gains understanding of reservoir residence times, groundwater recharge rates and mixing models. Stable isotopes analysis also helps constrain river basin dynamics in catchment hydrology to aid water management and develop strategies for extreme weather events and reducing the impact of droughts.

Analysis of groundwaters

Groundwater contains many components such as organics or salts. Using a headspace equilibration technique allows the oxygen-18 and hydrogen-2 isotopes to be analysed whist avoiding interference from these other components. Our iso FLOW system provides exceptional headspace analysis performance for these samples.

Fresh water samples

The fastest and simplest analysis of fresh water samples is via direct injection of the sample into a furnace system. Our vario PYRO cube® elemental analyzer equipped with the vario LIQUID sampler allows oxygen-18 and hydrogen-2 isotope analysis separately or sequentially for the fastest throughput. Using our ChromeHD technique uniquely offers the highest precision hydrogen-2 measurement possible.

Dissolved elements

Beyond oxygen and hydrogen isotopes measurements, analysis of the dissolved organic carbon, inorganic carbon and organic nitrogen can provide valuable insight in to primary productivity in freshwater ecosystems as well as polluting anthropogenic inputs. Our new iso TOC® is the only system able to analyse both carbon and nitrogen isotopes in water samples at low concentrations.