Water quality is a current topic of global interest affecting various application areas in science and industry. Clean drinking water, surface water or ultra-pure process water in industry are indispensable for mankind, fauna and flora. As a measure for organic pollution, the concentration of total organic carbon (TOC) is one of the most important screening parameters in water analysis. Additionally, the determination of nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations, which are essential elements for living but also cause water quality and health issues is often a matter of concern.

Many years of experience in TOC analysis

For decades, users in environmental, municipal, industrial and pharmaceutical water analysis rely on TOC analyzers by Elementar. The whole spectrum ranging from ultrapure water to waste water is covered by flexible TOC analyzers. Even difficult samples like sea water, concentrated chemicals and acids are no longer a challenge. Already during the design of the TOC analyzers, emphasis is put on easy accessibility of all parts that require a regular maintenance. The exchange of combustion and adsorption tubes is a matter of a few minutes only.

Reliable analysis through effective sample digestion

Depending on the application and sample matrix either an instrument of the vario TOC series, which use catalytic high temperature combustion, or the acquray®, a wet-chemical analyzer based on UV/persulfate digestion, is the perfect solution: By a real catalytic high temperature digestion at 850 °C, the complete oxidation of TOC is ensured. To guarantee such a temperature over a long interval, the catalyst is protected from detrimental factors such as salts through a special, patented process at Elementar. By using the UV digestion, the sample is oxidized at two different wavelengths of 185 nm and 254 nm. Additionally, in case of high concentrations or stable compounds, a strong oxidation agent, such as sodium persulfate, which is added to the sample and heated up to 100 °C, can be used.

Simple analysis of nitrogen and phosphorus in aqueous samples

Instruments of Elementar offer outstanding versatility in measuring multiple elements in aqueous samples. The analysis of total bound nitrogen (TNb) to evaluate the nitrogen contamination according to EN 12260 is covered by the products of the vario TOC series. The analysis of total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP) gives important information about over-fertilization, which leads to oxygen deficiency. Furthermore, heavy metals in water can be bound to phosphate. To evaluate such risks, TP and TN can be determined by using the automated flow injection analysis realized in extra modules of the acquray®.