Cement (lat.: opus caementitium) was already well known when the romans built the pantheon in Rome. Until today, cement is part of concrete, the number one construction material for roads, bridges and buildings. Elementar offers analyzers for elemental analysis through the whole production process, which include analysis of fuels, raw materials, intermediate materials, additives and the final product.

Proven cement quality

Cement is used as hydraulic binder phase in concrete. Hence, properties like solidification rate and resulting strength are most important for its application. As these properties are greatly influenced by carbon and sulfur concentrations of raw materials, limestone and clay, as well as intermediate materials and final blend, an accompanying process control and final quality assurance is essential. The inductar® CS cube is made for easy and automated carbon and sulfur analysis, by its automated sample feeder, extended maintenance intervals and low costs per analysis.

Efficient fuels

Production of cement is a very energy consuming process. Thus, analysis of both fossil and alternative fuels is crucial for efficient processes, which are indispensable to protect our climate and environment. Elementar provides easy to use analyzers for quick and accurate control of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulfur concentrations in fossil and alternative fuels.