Metals are widely used due to their wide range of properties, which are tailorable for every specific application. The individual properties of metals are strongly controlled by the elements carbon, sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. Even little changes in concentration alter the mechanical or electrical properties. Combustion analysis is the method of choice whenever highly precise and fast analysis of these elemental concentrations is required. Thus, optimum properties of metals are assured by applying combustion analysis with Elementar’s inductar® series.

Superior steel properties

The Fe-C phase diagram shows at a first glance the importance of carbon concentration for steels. Furthermore, sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen concentrations strongly determine mechanical properties of products made of carbon steel or alloy steel. Thus, chemical analysis of raw materials like pig iron, recycled steel and ferroalloys is indispensable. Combustion analysis by Elementar’s inductar series is the perfect tool to adjust the right elemental concentrations for superior steel properties. Accordingly, the inductar® series supports both R&D and production in terms of higher efficiency and materials performance.

Controlled casting qualities

Iron, aluminum, cobalt or titanium based alloy castings are applied for everyday products like cookware and cutting edge technologies like aerospace or medical components as well. Controlling the elemental composition by Elementar’s inductar series all over the process chain assures higher production yields and best product quality. Thus, combustion analysis of carbon, sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen concentrations in metals contributes to the development of new high performance components and assures stable production of cast metals.

Certified metal powders

Certified metal powders are required for powder metallurgy processing and additive manufacturing. These production techniques enable various possibilities in product geometries and product properties. However, certified metal powders are required for reliable and stable production. Elementar’s innovative and reliable solid-state induction furnace ensures always fast and accurate chemical composition results. Both fresh and recycled metal powders are securely certified by Elementar’s inductar® series, which is as flexible as these advanced production processes itself.