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    PEM-HG Pure
    Hydrogen gas Generator

PEM-HG Pure Hydrogen gas Generator

  • Produce high purityH2 (99.9995) from pure water for laboratory use.
  • Hydrogen production amount on demand.
  • Suitable for Chromatography as support gas for FID and carrier gas.
  • Reduce danger of explosion of H2 capsule. And Get free from displacing heavy capsule.
  • H2 Leak alarm (Optional 3 way electric valve to purge H2 with N2 gas for safety in GC oven in case of H2 leak into oven)
  • H2 High pressure, low and over tank water and water low quality alarm.

Parameter  Range  Comment
Generation method  Pure water electrolysis  Using PEM cell
Generation rate  350 Ml/min
Output pressure  Up to 90 PSI  Adjust able by Key board
Purity  99.9995 Percent
Guaranty  1 Year
Warranty  10 Year
Water quality  >1M ohm/cm  Deionized or redistilled water
Power  220 V AC – 150 W  No need stabilizer
Dimension  27 X 36.5 X 38.5  Cm (W X H X D)
Weight (net)  11 Kg