• N/protein analyzer rapid MAX N exceed


    Highest sample throughput
    thanks to EAS REGAINER® technology

  • N/protein analyzer rapid MAX N exceed


    lowest cost per sample
    based on EAS REGAINER® and

  • N/protein analyzer rapid MAX N exceed


    sample weights up to 5 g
    save time consuming homogenization

  • N/protein analyzer rapid MAX N exceed


    analyzing whole gases
    yields highest precision

  • N/protein analyzer rapid MAX N exceed


    helium or argon
    as carrier gas

  • N/protein analyzer rapid MAX N exceed


    low in maintenance
    based on crucible technique

  • N/protein analyzer rapid MAX N exceed


    10 years warranty
    on furnace and detector

rapid MAX N exceed

MAXimum performance in protein analysis

Increased laboratory efficiency at significant lower price-per-sample. The rapid MAX N exceed is the first N/protein analyzer according to the Dumas method that utilizes the highly successful EAS REGAINER® technology also for larger sample weights. Designed for 24/7 unattended operation, the instrument addresses any high throughput laboratory facing a wide range of sample types and weights.
The rapid MAX N exceed stands for outstanding precision, sensitivity and sample flexibility.

Ease of use

Save valuable time in sample preparation. The unique post-combustion technology ensures the complete digestion of even challenging species that are usually difficult to combust. Grinding or milling can therefore often be omitted without affecting reliable data quality.

Highest sample throughput

The rapid MAX N exceed offers the fastest N/protein determination in 5 minutes. In conjunction with the 90 position autosampler it is possible to measure 300 samples per day. With the proprietary EAS REGAINER® technology it is possible now to run more than 1000 samples without the need to exchange reducing agent. Thus customers can enjoy outstanding low maintenance intervention for industry-leading system uptime.

Sample flexibility

The upright crucible design ensures an optimal combustion of any kind of liquid samples, such as milk, beer, soft drinks, juice, soy sauce, etc. Combined with the unique post-combustion technology a reliably high, matrix-independent data quality is achieved. Solid samples of 1 g can be measured with outstanding precision and accuracy.



Future-proof investment

Thanks to the outstanding robustness and longevity for all elemental analyzers a 10 year warranty on furnace and thermoconductivity detector (TCD) is granted. With our well-known long term oriented dedication to technical support Elementar provides spare parts for a minimum of 10 years. This results in outstanding low total cost of ownership and gives customers confidence in return of investment.

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