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    micro elemental analyzer with simultaneous
    CHNS determination plus O and Cl option

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    extremely dynamic measuring range
    owing to direct TPD technology

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    sulfur determination
    via IR possible

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    calibration stable
    over years

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    helium or argon as carrier gas

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    10 years warranty on
    furnace and detector


Micro combustion analysis has never been easier

Making good even better: as the technology leader in elemental analysis, we benefit from more than 120 years of experience. Now we used our technical know-how to take our proven micro elemental analyzer vario MICRO cube to the next level - always focusing on the users' needs.
The result is the new UNICUBE for the elemental analysis of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulfur. UNICUBE combines the low costs and the sensitivity of a micro elemental analyzer with the flexibility and outstanding robustness of a macro analyzer.

One micro elemental analyzer for all tasks

0.1 mg pharmaceuticals can be analyzed just as precise as up to 1 g inhomogenous soil samples. Volatile gasoline or temperature-proof silicon carbide can be analyzed just like coal, foodstuff or sewage sludge - without restriction of the elements, simultaneously for CHNS or for the combinations CNS, CHN, CN, O and Cl in one sample run.

Quiet operation

Thanks to a novel self-regulating cooling air circulation, UNICUBE becomes the quietest elemental analyzer in its class. A low noise level - not louder than falling rain - makes working with UNICUBE pleasant to your ear.

Smart design for highest ease of use

Clearly arranged, easily accessible system components as well as a furnace that slides out minimize maintenance and maximize uptime. The tool-free clamp connection system ensures a reliably leak-tight instrument at any time. Thus, users can enjoy smooth analyses and confidence in their results.

High-performance micro elemental analysis for sharpest peaks

UNICUBE utilizes Elementar's proprietary and improved direct Temperature Programmed Desorption (direct TPD) technology for highest reliability and performance in gas separation. In combination with the most powerful detector in the market, the instrument is capable of determining samples with C:N and C:S elemental ratios of up to 12,000:1.

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UNICUBE with monitor
UNICUBE with open door
Liquid samples
Combustion tube of UNICUBE
Close-up of UNICUBE
UNICUBE with furnace pulled out
Wrapped solid samples
Temperature Programmed Desorption (TPD) column

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