• Macro elemental analyzer vario MAX cube


    fully automated CN determination:
    more than 300 samples per day

  • Macro elemental analyzer vario MAX cube


    lowest cost per analysis
    due to Gas Saving System

  • Macro elemental analyzer vario MAX cube


    sample weights up to 5 g
    save time consuming homogenization

  • Macro elemental analyzer vario MAX cube


    analyzing whole gases
    yields highest precision

  • Macro elemental analyzer vario MAX cube


    helium or argon
    as carrier gas

  • Macro elemental analyzer vario MAX cube


    low in maintenance
    based on crucible technique

  • Macro elemental analyzer vario MAX cube


    10 years warranty
    on furnace and detector

vario MAX cube

Maximum performance on a micro foot print

The Dumas combustion method has become the worldwide used standard for accurate and fast determination of nitrogen, e.g. in agricultural products. Compared to the wet chemical Kjeldahl method it is superior in terms of speed, safety and environmental friendliness. The representative analysis of a natural product requires a larger sample size of up to 1 gram or more.

ELEMENTAR in Germany has been the pioneer in the development of analyzers not only for organic elemental analysis, but also in the analysis of macro sized samples.

ELEMENTAR introduced the macro N analyzer in 1988. It was the world's first combustion type nitrogen analyzer for samples up to 3 g using reusable steel crucibles.

The longest tradition in macro analyzer design combined with state of the art electronics, software and robotics has made the vario MAX cube the leading analyzer in terms of analytical performance, reliability, cost and speed of analysis.

Facts of superiority

Largest sample size
up to 5 g sample weight for CN analysis. Up to 500 mg C & N absolute can be measured (depending on mode).

90 position autosampler
for 5 ml steel crucibles for solids and liquids with virtually unlimited life. Automatic ash removal and rechargeable at any time also during operation.

Highest speed of analysis
less than 4 min for N (sample to sample). High sample throughput is realized without interruption by blank and recalibration measurements.

Best precision
e.g. 5 ppm N in beer or 10 ppm C in soil.

Extreme long time stability
for unattended, fully automated overnight operation. Only one blank value check is required per day.

Efficient water removal
a multistep condenser and Nafion(R) gas dryer results in along time maintenance free operation, even for continuous series of 2 ml aqueous samples.

vario MAX cube with monitor
Crucible with grains
vario MAX cube with furnace pulled out
vario MAX cube with open side door on the right
vario MAX cube with open side door on the left
Crucibles of steel and ceramic
Close-up of sample carousel and autosampler
Various solid samples

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