• acquray Seriesacquray Series


    Analysis of
    Total Organic Carbon
    (TOC) in water

  • acquray Seriesacquray Series


    Analysis of
    Total Phosphorous
    (TN) in water

  • acquray Series


    Analysis of Total Nitrogen
    (TN) in water

  • acquray Series


    Analysis of
    TOC, ROC, and TIC
    in solids

acquray® Series

Enter a new world of TOC analysis

With the new acquray series Elementar opens an entirely new way for easy Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis and more. The technology is based on a chemical oxidation process supported by highly energetic UV radiation. This combination ensures complete digestion of all organic compounds. The modular concept allows the attachment of optional extra modules for the determination of TOC in solids, Total Nitrogen (TN) in water and Total Phosphorus (TP) in water.
The instrument comes with predefined methods, completely calibrates itself automatically and auto-alerts the user any time maintenance is needed. This makes the acquray series the ideal solution for routine labs that require instruments with high laboratory efficiency and minimal down-time.

Outstanding versatility

The acquray series, with its modular concept, offers an industry-leading versatility. Starting from the TOC analyzer base module, additional extra modules can be attached at anytime. For increased sample throughput, an autosampler unit is available, offering several carousels for different sample vial sizes. An optional combustion furnace for solid samples can be used either for the classical TOC analysis of solids via acidification prior to combustion, or for the more advanced method via temperature ramping without acidification. Completing the package, another two unique modules are available that enable the determination of Total Nitrogen in water and Total Phosphorus in water. Thus, acquray is the world’s first UV-digestion TOC analyzer with a Total Nitrogen and/or a Total Phosphorus option (patent pending).

A workhorse for any laboratory

The acquray series is designed for maximum robustness and minimal maintenance effort, thus providing industry-leading system uptime. For unattended overnight operation, optional autosampler configurations with up to 111 positions are available.

Ease of use

The acquray series is optimized to significantly simplify the daily routine operation. Clearly arranged, easily accessible system components minimize maintenance efforts. Thus, customers can enjoy smooth analyses and confidence in their results.

TOC analyzers made in Germany

All Elementar analyzers are developed and manufactured in-house at the Elementar headquarters near Frankfurt ensuring high quality German engineering. High performance components and strict quality control yield industry-leading quality and reliability. Designed for easy laboratory
integration, features such as automatic weight transfer from balance or LIMS integration are readily available.

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