• TOC, ROC, TIC Analyzer soli TOC cube


    Flexible choice of methods
    for the determination of
    TOC, ROC and TIC

  • TOC, ROC, TIC Analyzer soli TOC cube


    Resistant to acids thanks to
    high-grade materials

  • TOC, ROC, TIC Analyzer soli TOC cube


    Fully automated analysis with
    89 position autosampler

  • TOC, ROC, TIC Analyzer soli TOC cube


    According to new (DIN 19539) as well
    as old (EN 15936) standards

soli TOC® cube

The versatile instrument for temperature-dependent differentiation of carbon in solids

The determination of TOC in solids has recently become ever more important. Not just for evaluating wastes, TOC-content measurement is also an important aspect of assessing soils.
The new soli TOC cube offers users the option of measuring not only total organic and total inorganic carbon, but also determining the residual oxidizable carbon (ROC). In addition to the classical TOC determination by direct and subtraction acidification methods, temperature programming can also be employed, which requires neither sample preparation nor the use of acids.

Unmatched analytical performance
In temperature programming, a precise, adjustable temperature is required for reproducible measurements. Thus in the soli TOC cube, the temperature is measured where it matters, directly at the crucible. This eliminates all possible thermal interferences. Additionally, the use of a post-combustion catalyst ensures that even high carbon-content samples are quantitatively oxidized and achieve equally high measurement quality.

Simplified sample preparation

With the soli TOC cube, larger samples on the order of grams can be reliably analyzed: just weigh the solid samples in the reusable crucibles, place them on the autosampler, and start the sequence. This makes the soli TOC cube the perfect instrument for the precise analysis of inhomogeneous samples. Measurement of TOC according to DIN 15936 is also remarkably simple. The sample is acidified directly in the ceramic crucible and after drying delivered immediately to the instrument – simple, fast, and reliable.

Reliable analysis
The software allows for implementing predefined methods in addition to custom programming of the heating rate and hold times. Peak integration is executed automatically and can be manually checked. This ensures that even the most difficult analyses can produce precise measurement of each individual component.

Unsurpassed flexibility
The soli TOC cube is capable of distinguishing between the different forms of carbon by either temperature programming or a combined temperature program with gas switching. In a single program, the TOC, ROC, and TIC can all be determined. Alternatively, the classical method of acidification, drying, and TOC measurement at constant temperature is also possible.

soli TOC cube with monitor
Soil structure
soli TOC cube with open door
Construction waste
Reusable steel and ceramic crucibles for soli TOC cube
Cement plant
Typical solid samples
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